Hire A Landscaper If You Plan To Keep Pet Rabbits In Your Yard

A lot of rabbit owners keep their pets inside, but if you're a new owner of rabbits who wants to give the animals the best life possible, allowing them to roam in your backyard may be an idea that you favor. Rabbits that can feed on your grass and weeds, as well as run around to get exercise, can often be healthier than those who live in cages all day, and this can make you happy as a conscientious owner. Before you let the rabbits loose, however, you'll need to ensure that your yard is ready for them. Often, this can mean hiring a local landscaper to perform a series of tasks. Here are some things that you'll want to get done.

Improve The Fencing

If your rabbits are going to be spending time in your yard, you obviously want to feel that the yard will contain them. Give some thought to the current state of your fence. In many cases, it may need some work before it can provide an effective barrier to prevent your rabbits from escaping. For example, if you have a wooden fence, it may be missing a few slats or some slats may be broken. A rabbit could easily slip through a small gap in the fence, but your landscaping contractor can improve the fence by fixing any issues.

Add Some Shade

Rabbits don't do well in the direct sun, so you'll need to assess how much shade is currently available to them in your yard. If there aren't many shaded areas, talk to your landscaper about creating some. They may suggest planting some thick trees, shrubs, or other greenery under which your rabbits can seek shelter on hot, sunny days. Shaded areas can also help your rabbits to feel a heightened sense of security when they're outdoors, too.

Plant Certain Plants

Your rabbits will enjoy eating your grass, but you may want to do some research about other plants that they'll enjoy eating. Upon making a short list, it can be worthwhile to talk to your landscaper about building a garden that includes these plants. This may potentially keep your rabbits out of your other gardens. Your landscaping professional can build a garden area and fill it with such rabbit-friendly vegetation as clover, timothy grass, lettuce, kale, carrots, and any other plants that you want your pets to eat when they're out in the yard.

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