Essentials For A Valuable Outdoor Space

An outdoor living space can be a great addition to not only your home in general but also your family's lifestyle. From entertaining friends and family to grilling out and relaxing each day in nature, it is easy to see the benefits. However, you may not realize which outdoor living elements are worthwhile to your home's appeal and value. With this guide, you will learn which additions will be crucial if you want your outdoor living space to add enormous value to your home.


A patio provides you with a surface to "live outdoors," so it should be one of the most important parts of establishing an outdoor living space. The patio can be used for a variety of purposes, including a place for adding comfortable conversational seating or a dining table with chairs. It also makes a great spot for your grill.

Of course, the return on investment you will see with the installation of a patio is a large benefit, too. On average, a patio addition an offer you an estimated 69 percent return on investment.

Pergola or Roof

Yes, people want to spend time outdoors, but they also want some protection from the elements. Thankfully, you can enjoy the outdoors while still enjoying some protection from surprise rain or the intense heat/UV rays of the sun.

Adding a pergola cover to your patio or deck will ensure you have the cover you need from the various environmental conditions. With a pergola, you can remove the canvas cover periodically to allow in more sun or keep the cover closed for the ultimate in protection. Many people will also plant greenery, stringing ivy and string lights through the top of the pergola for decorative appeal, as well.

If you prefer a more traditional cover, consider a full roof over your patio or deck. Be sure to have the roof wired for electricity to install a light fixture or ceiling fan to illuminate and cool your outdoor living space.


When most people think of outdoor living, they think of hardscapes, such as patios, pools, and outdoor kitchens, but the actual grass and plants used around your outdoor living space can also add value to your home.

Many experts believe improving your lawn is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase your home's value. Improve the lawn around your outdoor living space to make the area more welcoming and valuable by installing sod or planting new grass seed. Be sure to water and fertilize properly.

Also, add plants and trees around your outdoor space for color, texture, and shade, which can make the patio more enjoyable throughout the seasons.

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