Why Do Wood Chips Make Such A Good Playground Surface Material?

These days, you really have your choice of surface materials when designing a playground. You can go with standard pebbles or gravel, or you can go with grass or artificial turf. However, in and among all these options, you should not lose sight of an old standby: wood chips. Even with all of the advances in technology over the years, playground wood chips still remain a great choice, and here's why.

1. They are natural.

Have you realized that a few years after a new substance comes out, there tend to be studies done finding that it's not as safe as people assume? Many of the newer surface materials are made from plastics, which can leech carcinogens in some cases. You're best off going with something safe and natural — wood! People have been interacting with wood for years, and it doesn't cause cancer or other life-threatening ailments. It's a safe and natural choice for under your kids' feet.

2. They are readily available.

If you buy a really specialized surface material, you may struggle to source it. You might end up waiting a month for it to come in, or having to work with a less-than-reliable company because they are the only one who offers the material you want. Wood chips, on the other hand, are everywhere. You can have your choice of suppliers. There's no shortage of wood chips in most areas, so you can probably call and have them delivered within a week.

3. They're easy to add to.

When the playground surface gets a little low, you can add more wood chips. You can add them a ton at a time, or a couple scoops at a time — whatever works for you. This allows you to keep the playground surface consistent and soft so that kids don't get injured if they fall down or trip.

4. They drain well.

The last thing you want is puddles on the playground floor. Kids will get wet, and they might slide. This can happen with some of the more advanced, rubber-based playground flooring systems. Wood chips, however, drain easily. And even when they are wet, they are not slippery. This will allow kids to get more use out of the playground, and it will also help keep them safe.

Sometimes, what has been used for years is the better choice. Classic wood chips make a great playground base, and that's not changing any time soon.

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