Signing A Contract For Commercial Landscaping? Four Things That The Contract Should Include

A commercial landscaping company can help with the landscaping and hardscaping outside of your commercial business. This helps to increase the curb appeal of the building, makes it more appealing for prospective tenants, and helps to ensure trees are healthy and trimmed so they do not cause any damage. When you are signing a contract for services with a commercial landscaping business, you may be curious as to what should be included in the contract. Here are four things that should always be included in a commercial landscaping contract. 

A Schedule of Services

One of the most important things that a commercial landscaping contract should have is a schedule of services. Most commercial businesses do not need the same services at the same time. For example, you may need your grass cut weekly, but may need your shrubs trimmed back monthly. A schedule of services should detail exactly what services the commercial landscaping company is expected to complete and the frequency in which they are expected to complete those services. 

A Complete Payment Schedule

Another important element that a commercial landscaping contract should include is a complete payment schedule. Will they bill you after each service they complete or are you paying a set fee each month? Also, the payment schedule should list how payments are handled, such as calling in with a credit card payment or mailing them a check, and what the payment terms are, such as payments are due 15 days after an invoice or on the first of each month. 

How Care and Costs May Change Seasonally

If you are signing a long commercial landscaping policy, you should ensure that the contract details how care and costs may change seasonally. If you live in a place where it snows, you may not need your grass cut weekly in the winter months. Or, you may need flowers planted in the spring and fall. Always ensure that the plan mentions seasonal changes and how those changes affect your schedule of services and billing. 

Terms For Ending the Contract

Finally, the contract should include terms for ending the contract. For example, you may have to give 30 days notice in writing to end a contract. Or, the contract may end on its own after a year of service if you do not re-sign a new contract. The contract should always explain how and when the contract will end. 

Before doing any business and exchanging money with a commercial landscaping business, it is important that you have a contract in place. A contract ensures that you and the commercial landscaping business are on the same page in regards to what services are being completed, what payment is expected for those services and how long the contract extends to. Always carefully read over a contract and ensure all of these elements are in place before signing the contract. 

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