Tips To Help You Care For Your Yard Trees For Optimal Results

Spring is a good time to handle a great deal of landscaping and yard care on your property. Winter can be hard on a variety of vegetation, and over the winter, your yard landscaping has gone dormant and will need some sprucing up to make it healthy for the next season of growth. Here are some spring tips to help you when you are needing to take care of tree maintenance in your yard.

Consider the Tree's Health

Anytime you need to manage a tree and its growth in your yard, always look at the health of the tree before you select a pruning method. For example, if a tree is completely healthy and beneficial but is growing up into some power lines, do not cut the tree down or top it as this can be damaging to your yard and its environmental effects. Instead you should hire a professional to strategically trim the tree out of the way of the power lines, leaving it to continue growing outside of the way of the electrical lines. 

However, if you have a tree in your yard that is diseased, infested with pests, or has other health problems, you should consider removing the tree entirely. A professional tree service can safely remove the tree, piece by piece, to make sure it does not cause damage to nearby structures. 

After the tree has been removed you have the opportunity to plant a new healthy tree in its place to restore the natural balance of your yard. Talk to your tree specialist about removing the stump from the yard to make more space for an additional tree or other landscaping growth.

Look at Environmental Issues

Anytime you are considering trimming a tree in your yard or removing it or a majority of its branches, consider the effect it will have on your yard's environment. When a tree needs to be removed due to its health, look at how much shade it will remove from the yard and the amount of sunlight it will allow in. 

For example, if you have a lawn or vegetation that are of a variety that does not need direct sunlight, look at replanting a new tree to restore the shade or mixing in a variety of sun tolerant plants. You can overseed your lawn with a new mixture of lawn that does well in direct sunlight to help ensure your lawn continues to thrive.

Speak with a tree trimming and cutting professional like one at Treetime Inc for more information. 

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