Spring Yard Care Tips To Get Your Yard In Shape For New Growth

Spring is on the horizon and with it are plenty of tasks to get your yard ready for new growth and cleaning up after winter's harsh weather. Here are some tips to help you improve your yard and its landscaping this spring.

Tree Care and Maintenance

The trees in your yard are majestic and provide a good deal of shade, oxygen, and beautiful scenery during the months they are actively growing. However, over time they will become in need of some pruning and other health care management tasks to keep them healthy and free of threats to your home and roof. A tree that has sick or dead branches can pose a risk to your home and property if the branch falls during a storm. 

Take some time to prune off any dead branches that are lower to the ground. For branches larger and higher up into the tree or for a large tree, it is best to hire a tree professional to remove the necessary sections. They can safely remove the branches and leave them for you to use as you need. 

For example, with large tree branch sections in your yard, you can cut them into firewood for a wood-burning stove or fireplace. You can also chip them up into wood chip mulch for your yard. By renting a wood chipper from a local tool rental office, you can chip the wood into piles of wood chips that you can spread over your yard's landscaping areas. Wood chips provide a great option to keep your soil healthy as it will benefit from the decomposition of the wood chips.

Soil Preparation

Along with mulching your soil to create a protective and attractive barrier, you can also boost your soil's health in landscaping beds or a vegetable garden. You can create your own compost with organic materials from your home, such as vegetable peelings and lawn clippings. You can also buy bagged compost from a local home improvement store. Just be sure you combine it properly into the soil to receive the best health boost to your soil. 

To do so, rent a soil roto-tiller to loosen the soil and mix in the compost mixture deep into your vegetable garden soil. Your vegetable plants will be able to grow more healthy and give you more produce the deeper they can grow. And if you loosen any layers of deep compacted soil in your yard and combine them with compost, this will provide an optimal environment for healthy plant growth. You can rent a quality roto-tiller machine from a local landscape rental company such as Eastlake Rent-All Inc. You can rent it for a day, an afternoon, or just a few hours to complete the job.

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