Tips To Help You Install A Yard Sprinkler System For Good Landscaping Health

If you live in a dry and hot climate, your yard's landscaping trees and lawn need a constant supply of water to keep them from succumbing to the heat. If your lawn and trees die off from insufficient irrigation, you will end up with a great expense to replace all your yard's landscaping vegetation. To prevent this type of loss to your yard's investment, here are some tips to help you install a proper yard sprinkler and irrigation system for your property.

Measure Your Water Pressure

One of the first steps you should take when planning for a new sprinkler system is to measure the water pressure at your water source. The amount of water pressure that is coming out of your water line will determine how many sprinklers it can power at the same time and how far their spray will reach across your property. So, for example, if your water pressure is not sufficient to supply water to six sprinkler heads, some of the sprinklers won't have any or enough water spraying from them.

Use a water pressure gauge, which you can get from most home improvement stores, and put it onto your water source. When you run the water through the gauge, it will tell you the maximum water pressure, which will be measured in PSI for pounds per square inch. When you know how much your water pressure is, you can properly determine how many sprinkler heads you can run on one sprinkler line and how many separate sprinkler line zones you will need to install.

Install a Backflow Preventer

A backflow preventer on your sprinkler supply line is necessary if not legally required in most areas. When water goes into your sprinkler line, it becomes contaminated with animal feces, soil, fertilizers, and chemicals that are present in your lawn. And when you shut off your sprinkler system, water can flow back into your home' water source and get into your tap water. Because you don't want to poison your family with contaminated water, a backflow preventer will stop this from occurring.

Add a Line Shut Off Valve

A line shut off valve to your sprinkler system control box is also a great idea. The shut-off valve will make it possible for you to turn the water off only to your irrigation system when you need to do any maintenance. If you don't have a shut-off valve to your system, you would need to shut off the water supply to your entire home. Otherwise, any cutting you do into your sprinkler lines would create a geyser of water.

Hire a Sprinkler Professional

You can also hire a professional landscaper or sprinkler specialist to map out and install your sprinkler system. They will be able to add a smart programmable timer to help keep your sprinklers running regularly and to manage them from your smart device. Look for a local company like Pacific  Sunscapes to learn more about irrigation systems. 

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