Landscape Designs Can Involve More Than Just Choosing Plants

Before work on any yard renovation begins, you need to have a landscape design in place. This is a finalized plan that takes into account local codes, plant varieties, planting requirements, hardscaping, and more. Any renovation that is more complex than replacing a dead annual with a live version in the exact same spot in the yard needs to have some sort of design ready in advance.

While those designs can be very low-key and informal for minor renovations, entire redos of the yard have to have more structure. When you have a residential landscape designer create these blueprints, you also have the option of adding additional services that would help make the landscape look more complete. The designer can also take care of administrative issues that you might otherwise find unappealing.

Lighting Plans

Redoing the paths and plants in your yard can result in a lovely new garden. But any deviation from the layout of your old yard plus the addition of low-profile features like ponds requires a reassessment of the landscape lighting. You need to be sure you can see all pathways and potential obstacles if you walk through the yard at night. The last thing you need is to forget you added terraced flower beds right where you used to have a stepping stone path. The landscape designer can determine where to place new lighting to ensure you can walk through the yard safely at night.

Bid Reviews

When the design is ready and you've approved all of the changes, you'll need to get other contractors to actually do the work, such as planting, hardscape installation, rewiring for any wired lights, and so on. These contractors will offer bids, and you need to determine which bid is the most sensible. If you have a landscape designer create the plans, however, that designer usually takes care of evaluating all the bids and putting together a team. That saves you a lot of time and takes what can be a rather boring administrative process out of your hands.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you want to add an outdoor living space -- not just a patio, but a real living space where you can cook, possibly have a small fire to sit around, and so on -- the designer can come up with those plans and consult with architects to find out what's possible. Outdoor kitchens and similar setups can be more work intensive because of the electrical and gas features that these usually entail. The designer can create plans that take all of these features into account.

Designing a landscape for your renovation project doesn't have to be a big deal, but even smaller plans can be time-consuming if you try to work them out yourself. Hire a landscape designer to handle the work so you can enjoy your new garden.

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