Removing A Tree That's Too Close To Your Home: Guidelines, Tips, And Advice

Is there a certain tree that is growing too close to your home for comfort? Perhaps its branches are scraping against your siding. Maybe it is overhanging your roof and contributing to moss growth, or perhaps you're just scared that if a high wind blows through, you'll end up with a branch through your window. In any event, you probably want to remove this tree that has grown too close for comfort. Here are some tips and advice to keep in mind throughout the process.

If it's taller than about 10 feet, hire a pro

You can remove small trees yourself with little risk, so long as you know how to use a saw properly. But any tree taller than 10 feet should usually be removed by a pro. It's harder than you might think to control the direction a tree will fall in, especially when it is tall, and a tree this size can do quite a lot of damage to your home if it happens to fall in the wrong direction. Trees shorter than 10 feet tall are pretty easy to push over and out of the way, so the risk is much lower.

Remove any bothersome branches first

If this is a small tree you'll be removing on your own, focus on first removing any particularly bothersome branches. For instance, if there is a branch that has been scraping against your siding, remove that one first. This will prevent more damage to your home as you work on felling the tree. The tree will also be lighter and easier to fell once you remove that offending branch.

Don't forget the roots

While it might be tempting to just fell the tree and cover the stump with some landscaping rocks, this is not a good idea. The stump may send up new shoots, and the roots may still keep on growing for some time even though the tree is gone. When the roots are so close to your home, they could cause some damage to your foundation. So make sure that either you or your tree care company remove the stump and major roots after felling the tree.

If a tree is too close to your home, removing it before it grows any larger is a good choice. Call in the pros for larger trees or if you don't have the right equipment, and keep the advice above in mind, too. Contact a company like Arborcare Tree Service to learn more about tree removal.

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