Yard Improvements To Add In Hardscaping To Your Landscaping

Your property and yard space are an area of land that you can develop to be useful, attractive, and enjoyable for you to spend time in. As you plan the types of landscaping features for your yard, keep in mind you can add both landscaping and hardscaping to get a good balance using both elements. Here are some improvements you can make to your yard using elements of hardscaping design features to better your property in several ways. 

Add in a Fence

A fence in your backyard or around the perimeter is a good way to create a visual barrier around your yard and also a physical barrier that you can use to boost the enjoyment in your yard. A fence made of stones, brick, rock, wood, or even vinyl will add some privacy to your yard and keep out unwanted animals or visitors. 

Your backyard fence doesn't need to be made of a solid material; you can install a decorative wrought iron or chain link fence or a wooden picket fence to add a specific look to your property. And in addition to creating a barrier around your yard, your new fence can be a supportive surface for vines, such as grapes or honeysuckle, or another type of climbing vegetation within your yard.

Install a Walkway

With all the landscaping vegetation, lawn, flowers, and shrubbery growing within your yard, it can be helpful to visually break it up with a paved walkway. A paved walkway through your yard will provide a walking pathway for anyone spending time in your yard and will help reduce your yard's water needs. If you want to install a walkway or pathway through your vegetable, rose, or flower garden, talk to your landscape professional about your needs and they can recommend a type of walkway material that is appropriate for your landscape design plans.

And as a benefit, a walkway provides a way to help keep down weeds through the area, as the paving will block the weed growth from the soil and up through the paving materials. Be sure you install a landscape barrier below your paving materials if you choose to use gravel or other small types of paving stones for your walkway. This will help keep weed growth down through this type of paving material, which can be prone to some weed problems.

Contact a hardscape contractor for more information on hardscape design.

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