Landscape Rock Selection And Installation Tips For Your Yard

Rock is a versatile, attractive, and durable landscape material for your yard and garden. Here are some recommendations to help you use and install rock in your property landscaping. 

Plan Out Your Rock Placement

Order the type of gravel and rock that you want to use for your installation project. This may be anything from pea gravel to decomposed granite or slate for a flagstone walkway or patio. It is best to properly calculate the amount of gravel you need so you have enough to fully cover your landscape area. A thin layer of gravel will allow the soil or foundation to come up through the gravel and give it a shabby appearance.

Before you install your rock delivery, be sure the area is prepared by removing enough soil to accommodate the rock and to remove any existing vegetation and weed growth in the soil. You should plan to install your rock in a thickness of several inches, depending on the type of rock and the area you are covering. For example, if you plan to install a gravel driveway, you should install a base layer of larger size rock layered over with a medium-sized gravel and topped with a surface layer of smaller gravel. These layers will ensure success and an attractive appearance to your new hardscape area.

Use a Landscape Fabric Barrier

It is a good idea to compact the soil below where your rocks will be installed, but you should also install a barrier of landscape fabric. Landscape fabric installed over the soil will protect it from several intrusions while the rock is in place. First, the barrier will protect against weed growth coming up into the rocks, which can be difficult to remove when rocks are present. Second, it will keep the soil from moving up in between the rocks, which can ruin the rocks' attractive appearance.

Just be sure you install the landscape fabric with proper layout and planning. The landscape fabric edges should overlap one another by several inches to keep it from separating and letting weed growth creep in. Secure the edges of the landscape fabric with barrier stakes to hold down the edges and seams. And be sure you invest in a good quality landscape fabric so it lasts for years underneath your layer of decorative rock. Otherwise, you will need to remove the rock and install a replacement layer of fabric.

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