Should You Remove A Dead Tree?

Removal of a dead tree may seem like an easy decision to make. Yet, there are a few things to keep in mind before calling a removal service.

Does the Tree Pose a Fall Hazard?

Any standing deadwood that can cause property damage or injury if it falls should be removed promptly. If the tree is not near any buildings or main activity areas on the property, you may opt to leave it in place. In this case, it's still a good idea to have the dead limbs removed so only the trunk remains, as this will cut down on the chances of injury from falling branches.

Will The Property Benefit From Wildlife Habitat?

A dead but upright trunk provides a necessary habitat for some birds and small mammals while also providing a feeding ground for woodpeckers and other insect-loving birds. If you want to encourage the presence of more wildlife on your property, then leaving a standing dead tree in place is an excellent way to do so. You must keep an eye on it and have it removed once it poses a danger.

Are Termites a Concern?

Termites feed on dead wood, and they can quickly move to your home if they deplete a nearby food source. In areas with many termites, it is usually best to avoid anything in the yard that could attract the pests. An old dead tree can lead to a relatively large colony on your property. Once they are done with the tree, they may move on to your home. For this reason, it's best to remove a dead tree, including the stump, so termites are kept away.

Can the Tree Spread Disease or Pests?

Certain tree diseases and pests can spread quickly and decimate not just your trees, but others in the neighborhood as well. Emerald ash borers are an example, as they will quickly move one ash to the next until none remain. If your tree is infected with a highly contagious pest or disease, then it needs to be removed promptly and the remaining healthy trees should be treated to prevention infection.

Is the Tree an Eyesore?

A dead tree doesn't have to pose a danger or risk to be removed. If the tree detracts from the overall appearance of your property, then it's okay to have it removed promptly. It's recommended to have the whole tree removed, including grinding down the stump, so that you can replant the lawn and recover the landscaping. 

Contact a tree removal service if you are ready to have a dead tree either de-limbed or fully removed. 

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