Recommendations To Take Care Of Your Yard's Irrigation System

When the summer heat hits your yard landscaping, it is important that you have a functional and efficient irrigation system to keep your vegetation alive. Irrigation that provides the right amount of water and does not allow for runoff or wind loss will keep your budget strong and your landscaping attractive. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of your yard landscaping with efficient irrigation.

Check Your System

Your landscaping irrigation system is continually exposed to the weather, sun, and moisture, which makes it susceptible to wearing out over time. For this reason, you won't want to set your system and forget it because it will start to break down and cause water waste and also leave your vegetation without proper irrigation. 

To maintain your system, it is recommended to review how your system is working, such as by performing inspections once a month. You may, however, notice an area of your landscaping has begun to turn brown, and this can be a good indication you need to check the function of your system. For example, after you mow the lawn on the weekend, switch on your sprinkler's zones one at a time to check all the sprinkler heads and their spray patterns. Look out for any broken heads that may be leaking or spraying water improperly. Also check for any heads that don't have full water pressure because this can be a sign that there is a crack somewhere in the system, either in an underground riser or within the PVC pipe.

Maintain the Water Pressure

The condition of your system is important, but so is the water pressure within the lines. When you switch on your sprinkler system, look at how the water sprays out of each sprinkler head. If you notice the water bubbling slightly or the sprinkler head spraying a low spray pattern, this is a sign that the water pressure is too low and you have a problem in the lines, there are too many sprinklers on the zone, or the sprinklers on the zone are too large for the water pressure. Your area's water pressure may have become less due to more homes being built in the area and also using water.

However, if you notice the water spray coming from your sprinkler heads is spraying in a fine mist instead of normal streams of water, this is a sign the water pressure is too high. If this occurs, you can adjust your water pressure by adding a water pressure gauge or reducer onto your sprinkler valves.

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