Repairs Masonry Structures Are Likely To Need At Some Point

Masonry is among the more durable building materials and options that you can use for erecting a variety of structures or walls. While masonry is known for being an extremely durable option, there are a number of repairs that may be needed at some point during the life of the structure.

Cracks In The Brick Or Mortar 

Cracks forming in the bricks or the mortar can be an indication of serious problems with the masonry. Eventually, these cracks can grow and spread, and this can lead to the repairs for the masonry becoming far more involved and costly. When cracks in the brick or mortar are discovered and repaired soon after forming, it is possible to greatly reduce this chance of occurring. Many masonry services can offer patching for these cracks that will be able to restore the strength and structural integrity of the masonry while also restoring its look by matching the surrounding brick or mortar as closely as possible.

Discoloration Of The Masonry's Surface

Over the years, the color of your masonry can start to deteriorate as a result of staining. A common source of staining for masonry can be moss or algae growing on it. While this can cause your masonry structure to appear duller or even a slight shade of green, it is generally possible to restore these surfaces. The first step in this process will be using a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the entire surface. If this is not sufficient for removing the discoloration, there are chemical cleaning solutions that can be used to restore the color of the brick. While these chemical solutions are effective, they can be fairly harsh on the masonry, and a professional should be hired to apply these substances to avoid mistakes that may damage the surface.

Spalling Of The Masonry

After many years, the bricks and mortar in the masonry may actually start to fully break down. This can lead to spalling, which is essentially the masonry degrading to the point where it may start crumbling. When this problem starts to develop with the masonry, it will likely be necessary to fully replace the bricks and mortar that have suffered this level of deterioration. If you are wanting to delay this problem as much as possible, treating the masonry with moisture repelling sealants can be useful as moisture seeping into the masonry is one of the more common contributing factors to spalling occurring with these surfaces.

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