Ways To Customize Your Landscape For Less Maintenance

If you're redoing your home's landscaping, then it makes sense to hire a company that can customize the landscape according to your preferences. This way, you can choose flowers, shrubs, and an overall design that you find aesthetically beautiful. However, you don't just want to focus on appearance when designing a custom landscape. You also want to think about maintenance. Here are some ways to customize your landscape for lower maintenance needs.

Choose Native Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees

When selecting plants for your landscape, ask your landscape designer to only show you plants that are native to your area. These plants will be better able to withstand the climate in your area than non-native plants. You won't feel like you're always having to guard them against the weather and every tiny threat, and they'll probably look healthier and better for longer.

Put Your Plants in Sunnier Area

When deciding where to locate garden beds, hedgerows, and other plants, look for sunny areas. Plant more plants in the sunny areas, and reserve non-plant elements like tables, rock gardens, and water fountains in the shaded areas. If you really want to locate plants in the shade, then make sure you specifically choose plants that thrive in the shade. Otherwise, your plants in the shade will always be struggling a bit and you'll spend a lot of time trying to maintain them.

Have Irrigation Systems Installed

If you really want to cut down on maintenance, ask your landscaper to include some sort of irrigation system in your landscaping design. There are more options than you may realize. You can have above-ground sprinklers installed rather affordably. For a little more, you can have below-ground pipes installed. Some systems are on timers, and others require you to turn them on as needed. Either way, an irrigation system will save you hours of watering each week.

Choose Stone Mulch

Mulch, in general, helps reduce landscape maintenance. It helps trap moisture in the soil and prevents weeds from popping up. Wood mulch is an okay choice, but it breaks down and needs to be replaced from time to time. So, for even less maintenance, you'll want to look at various stone mulch options. Granite, pea gravel, and limestone are all good choices, depending on the look you prefer.

Make sure you focus on maintenance needs when designing a custom landscape. A lower-maintenance setup will pay off again and again.

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