Working On Your Landscaping? Use Hardscaping To Make It Look Beautiful

If you are working on your landscaping, there are many things you can do, from planting flowers to trimming bushes. One thing you may not consider is using hardscaping, which is using man-made features. Below are two types of hardscaping you can start with so your landscaping will look beautiful when you are finished. 

Install a Pathway

One type of hardscaping is installing a pathway. The pathway can be made with concrete pavers, natural stone, brick, or even rock pebbles. Adding a pathway allows you to have access to different areas of your yard, such as a seating area, a flower garden, leading to your front door, and much more. With a path, you will not have to walk on grass or dirt, which can get your shoes dirty and can damage your grass. 

You can hire a professional to install your pathway for you, which is beneficial if you choose concrete or brick. You could also install the pathway yourself, especially if it is a small pathway. If you decide to do this, first mark off where you want the pathway using stakes and string. Remove all vegetation from the area, such as the grass. Put an edging along the edge of the pathway, which could be made of wood, concrete, or metal edging. 

How you install the path depends on what you are using. For example, if you want to use concrete pavers, first lay down gravel and then paving sand before you put down the pavers. For a pebble pathway, lay landscaping fabric and a layer of gravel over that. You can then install a few inches of pebbles. 

Add a Patio

A patio is considered hardscaping and can increase the value of your home. Connect the patio to your home and put a cover over it to give you added living space. Make the patio large enough and you could put an outside kitchen on it so you can entertain outside without having to walk back and forth into the kitchen. 

For the flooring, you could use bricks, patio pavers, stone slate, flagstone, or concrete. For the patio cover, you could install a retractable awning if the patio is connected to your home. This way you could choose to have a cover or close it to get more sunlight. You could also install a permanent cover over the patio if it is connected to your home.

If the patio is freestanding, you could put a pergola over it, which looks beautiful. You could also put a canopy over the patio or use a thatched cover. Some of the most common materials used for patio covers are wood, vinyl, or aluminum. 

There are other types of hardscaping you can choose, such as installing a fire pit, a retaining wall, or adding a water fountain. For help exploring your options, contact a hardscaping installation service in your area.

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