What Are The Benefits Of Pondless Waterfalls?

Water features improve the atmosphere of nearly any yard, but you may not want to commit to the expense, space, and upkeep of a full-sized pond. You can still enjoy the soothing ambiance of running water without extensive digging or settling for a small fountain. Pondless waterfalls make for a beautiful alternative to both. But what sets pondless waterfalls apart, and why should you consider one for your yard?

Space Versatility

The first and greatest benefit of these waterfalls is their versatility. Pondless waterfalls range in size from a few feet long to a few dozen. They can wrap around other features in your landscaping like a patio, bench, or tree. You could, for example, build a waterfall that partially encloses a grill and seating area. In this way, pondless waterfalls present endless options, and they complement existing landscaping instead of crowding it. 

Flexible Design Options

On the same note, you can choose any number of design styles for a pondless waterfall. You might want a natural, rocky waterfall lined with pebbles and native flora. Other spaces could call for sleek, modern designs using materials such as glass and concrete. Pondless waterfalls function like large fountains; as long as their essential infrastructure is installed, the aesthetics are largely up to you. 

Running Water 

Ponds bring natural tranquility to a property, but they also demand occasional cleanings and attract pests like mosquitos. Pondless waterfalls all but eliminate the risk of mosquitos because their water never stagnates. Without that standing water, mosquito larvae can't survive long enough to become a nuisance. Do note, however, that waterfalls need supplemental water periodically and still require maintenance. 

Improved Safety

For households with pets or young children, pond safety often raises concerns. While smaller ponds are usually safe, larger ones pose a risk for small children and animals and should be fenced for peace of mind. Pondless waterfalls avoid this issue by storing water in a hidden reservoir, preventing anyone from falling in and struggling to escape. 

Lower Cost and Time Requirements

Finally, it never hurts to factor in cost with any major landscaping project. In general, pondless waterfalls take less time and fewer resources to complete than large standing-water features or waterfalls with ponds attached. Each project, of course, varies in its scope and demands. If you're still on the fence about what will work best for your yard, explore potential footprints, designs, and prices with your local pond and waterfall installation contractors. 

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