Redoing Your Landscape? Why Invest in Turf

When you redo your landscape, you have to consider what you want to do for the ground cover in your yard. Grass is among the most common types of ground cover, although you have access to moss, succulent-style ground cover, and more.

When buying the supplies you need for your landscape, turf is likely your best option. You can also consider grass seed if you want, but turf can give you the results you desire more easily. Here are reasons to consider turf over other styles of landscape materials for your home.

You get instant grass you can use

Turf is grass that is grown and then dug up roots and all in strips to be laid in a new location. You can buy several rolls of turf to put in your yard and once laid, the turf will continue to grow and the root system will attach to your soil. For a short while, you will be able to see the sections of turf you have put in your yard but it will quickly fill in and create a beautiful landscape you can enjoy.

You get an easy yard installation

Grass seed is a lot harder to put in your yard than turf is. Grass seed has to be watered very often, it cannot be walked on right away, and it can be hard to get it to grow in evenly. Turf by comparison is installed in an even fashion and creates a very easy yard installation if you want to have access to your completed landscape right away.

If you have a strict budget, then choose turf for the most high-traffic areas of your yard and put grass seed or other types of ground cover in other areas. Turf is charged per square foot or yard, so plan out your landscape accordingly.

You get a beautiful and lush yard

If you want to make your yard look lush and full easier, then consider turf. Turf can be purchased in a variety of styles and designs and can make a big difference in the way your yard looks. If you need an instantly improved landscape to sell your home faster or to get your property ready for guests and entertaining, then turf is the way to go. Your landscaper will show you turf options you can consider for your property. Create a budget and start exploring turf sales in your area so you can compare types of grass to one another.

Contact a local turf and landscape supplier in your area such as Templeton Gap Turf Farm LLC to learn more.

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