Use Accent Lighting Outdoors

Accent lighting is targeted lighting that draws the eyes to a specific item or feature. Accent lighting can be used indoors or outdoors. If you will be adding landscaping features or new structural materials to your home next spring, you may want to experiment with different accent lighting products that will enhance the additions.

Lighting Types

Ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting are three lighting types that are used to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas. Ambient lighting provides a soft glow and is typically used to illuminate an entire room or a spacious area outdoors. This type of lighting isn't harsh. It will effectively provide enough visibility to navigate rooms or outdoor areas.

Task lighting is direct lighting that is bright. Task lighting increases focus. Task lighting is often used when reading, cooking, sewing, or performing another activity that requires an individual to remain alert and focused.

Accent lighting is direct lighting, but is not as bright as task lighting. It can greatly enhance areas of interest. Accent lighting is often used to highlight artwork, architectural designs, and landscaping features.

Lighting For The Porch

Wall sconces and pendant lights can be used to accent your home's front porch. These types of lights can be quite fancy in design. A beam of light that is emitted from a sconce or a pendant light will illuminate surfaces that are located close to the light source.

Lighting For The Landscape

Recessed lights and drop lights are two types of accent lights that can be used to enhance the landscaping features that surround your residence. If you would like to illuminate the garden that you plan on starting next spring, recessed lighting or drop lighting can be strategically placed along the perimeter of the garden.

Single lights can be aimed toward crops or the fencing that surrounds the garden. These types of lights can also be used to draw the eyes toward a retaining wall, a raised flowerbed, shrubs, and other manmade or organic materials that you will be adding to your land.

Lighting For Structural Materials

Recessed lighting or drop lighting can add a visual impact to the front or back of your home. If you plan on adding some brickwork to your home's exterior, for instance, recessed lighting or drop lighting can be installed next to the new structural materials that you would like to enhance. Accent lighting products come in all sizes and colors, which will allow you to coordinate your new lighting design with the design of your landscaping or home.

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