Mistakes To Avoid When Using Edging In Your Landscaping Design

Edging can be an important part of your landscaping. In addition to adding to the aesthetics of the landscaping design, it may also help to minimize soil erosion and keep mulch or gravel in place. Yet, there are some mistakes that people may make when it concerns their landscaping edging. 

Failing To Anchor The Edging In Place

A common mistake that people may make with their landscaping edging is failing to properly secure and anchor them. This mistake will result in the edging potentially shifting positions or even falling over. In addition to ruining the look that you may have been going for, this could also result in your edging not being as effective at holding the soil, mulch, or other materials in place. Prior to installing the edging, you may want to excavate a small portion of soil from the surface so that it will be as level as possible for the edging that is placed on it.

Not Appreciating The Variety Of Styles For The Edging

One aspect of edging that may surprise people is the fact that it can come in a wide range of styles. This can be particularly useful when you have a specific vision that you are wanting to create for your landscaping. To give you a better idea of the full range of styles and how they will look in person, it is advisable to visit a few different landscaping supplies providers that offer edging. This can help you identify the option that will look the best with your property's landscaping. It may also give you a chance to ask about delivery options and fees as transporting edging to your property could be rather difficult due to the weight.

Spacing The Edging Stones Too Far Apart

When you are placing the edging, it is important to avoid placing them too far apart. Ideally, the edging should be close enough together so that the sections of it can help to support each other. This will dramatically increase the overall stability of the edging so that it will be far less prone to shifting positions or even tipping over. To allow water to drain past the edging, there are sections of edging that are designed with an opening in them that will allow this moisture to pass through. These steps can allow your edging to be as stable as possible so that you will not have to frequently adjust it or correct it when it has fallen over.

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