3 Spring Landscaping Tips To Make Your Yard Look Great

Winter is at an end and spring will be here soon. This is the time when you should start landscaping so everything will look beautiful all season. Keep reading for three spring landscaping tips of things you can do or hire a landscaping contractor to help you.   

Do an Inspection

Walk around your property and do an inspection of your landscaping. This includes inspecting shrubs and trees. If you have not pruned your trees in some time this should be done before they start budding. Tree branches can become damaged during the winter months, and these should be removed. A tree service can do this for you, as well as trim the bushes.

If you had annual flowers, you did not remove now is the time to do this to get the soil ready for new flowers. If you have perennial flowers, make sure they are not covered with debris from the winter. Do a soil test to ensure the soil has the nutrients needed. You can purchase a soil test kit at a home improvement store. 

Get Flower Gardens Ready

If you have flower gardens in your yard you may need to add more soil. If so, purchase compost to mix in with the soil. Compost adds nutrients to the soil. There is likely a lot of debris on the flower gardens, such as leaves, grass, sticks, etc. Remove these things and loosen the soil to get ready to plant flowers. Put a few inches of mulch on the flower garden to help prevent weeds from growing and provide more moisture to your flowers. 

If you have an edging around the flower bed check this to ensure it is in good condition. If it is not, you should consider replacing it with new edging. Edging makes the flower garden look neat and tidy but also prevents grass and weeds from spreading into your flower garden. 

Install Irrigation System

If you already have an irrigation system installed inspect it to ensure it is in good condition. If you do not have a system, you should consider installing one. An irrigation system will make things much easier for you as you can automatically water your flowers without having to do it by hand. Many irrigation systems also have a timer that you can set to turn on at certain times of the day and then automatically turn off. 

There are many different types of irrigation systems you can purchase. For example, you can install a sprinkler system or a drip irrigation system. A landscape contractor can help you choose the best type of irrigation system for you and help you install it. 

Talk with a landscaping contractor for many more tips on making your landscaping look beautiful. 

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