3 Ways A Tree Trimming Service Maintains Your Trees So They Look Better And Stay Out Of Your Way

Both young and mature trees need to be trimmed regularly or they may grow in ways that might make the trees unsightly or block your view. While you might trim back young trees you can reach easily, it's best to let a tree trimming service handle work on mature trees and on branches that are close to your house or power lines.

Here are ways a tree trimming company can make your trees look better and be healthier. 

1. Remove Damaged And Diseased Branches

Damaged branches should be cut away because they allow insects and diseases to take hold. Branches can get broken by a strong wind, ice, snow, and animals. The dying part of the branch needs to be cut off and the rest cut back with a clean cut so insects can't get under the bark.

It's also important to trim off diseased branches since a disease can spread throughout the tree and even jump to trees nearby. Trimming diseased branches has to be done carefully so fungi, insects, or diseases aren't spread by falling branches or on the equipment.

2. Trim Off Problem Growth

Tree branches can sometimes grow over each other. When the wind blows, this can cause the branches to scrape against each other and scrape bark off. This can make the trees unhealthy because insects and infections can get to the tree where the bark is scraped off.

When the tree trimmer decides on the branches to cut off, they look for branches growing too close to other branches or growing in the wrong direction that could become problems later on that affect the trees when the wind blows or when branches sag under the weight of water or snow.

Trimming problem growth protects the trees and it also helps the tree trimming service thin the tree canopy by removing branches when the growth is too thick. Thinning the canopy lets more sun get to the truck and the grass below, so it's also helpful for keeping your tree healthy.

3. Remove Branches That Are In The Way

One of the primary reasons for calling a tree trimming service is to remove branches that are bothersome. Bushy branches that are too low block your vision and become hazards when you walk in your yard. The branches can even scrape your roof or grow against your house.

A tree trimming service can remove the lower branches so you can see beyond the trees better and so the trees no longer threaten your house or scrape you when you walk in the yard.

Reach out to a tree trimming service for more info.

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