Obtain A Lush Lawn That Requires Little Maintenance

If you do not have the time to dedicate to caring for a lawn, you may want to consider adding artificial turf to your property. Synthetic grass looks real, yet does not require mowing, watering, and other care processes that a natural lawn needs.

Turf Products

Artificial turf is often used to landscape commercial land and residential property. Turf products come in rolls. They are designed to lay over the ground. Turf products mimic various types of grass. The synthetic blades will be short in height.

Assess your yard to determine how much square footage you will cover with artificial grass. If you are hiring a landscaper to assist with the project, they will take measurements and order the grass products that are needed for the upgrade. 

The Preliminary Steps

A sod cutter sand, landscape fabric, a utility knife, adhesive, and stakes are needed to install artificial grass. First, a sod cutter will need to be used to rip up existing grass. A sod cutter will remove the top layers of the property.

Sand is used to prepare a smooth base that the landscape fabric will rest on. After the sand is spread across the ground, a tamper should be used to compress the sand. Landscape fabric prevents weeds from growing. The fabric will be resting directly below the artificial grass.

The Artificial Grass Installation Steps

Artificial grass needs to be unrolled and laid out in strips. If a landscaper is going to perform the installation, they will install one section of the grass at a time. The edges of adjacent pieces will need to be glued down. The landscaper will slightly overlap the edges that will be joined together.

Any excess pieces of grass will be trimmed off. Landscape stakes are used to anchor artificial grass. The head (top) of a stake will rest at ground level. When artificial grass is professionally installed, the stake heads won't be visible to the naked eye. If any sand escapes during the installation of the artificial turf, a hose can be used to rinse it away.

The Use Of The Turf

Turf manufacturers test their products for strength. Turf products are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. They can support furnishings and other heavy items. You will need to rinse your new turf off on occasion. If stains appear on the turf, a formulated turf-cleaning product can be used to remove them.

To learn more, contact a local residential artificial turf solution service.

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