Pre-Vacation Lawn Care: How To Keep Your Yard Green While You're Away


The sight of a lush green lawn is always a delight, especially during the summer season when you want to spend most of your days outdoors. But what happens when you're going on vacation and cannot tend to your lawn for a while? Coming back from your trip to a dry and patchy lawn isn't something you want to experience. 

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your lawn healthy and green, even if you're not there to attend to it. Here are a few ways to take care of your lawn while on vacation.

Set up a Timer for Sprinklers 

Setting up a timer for your sprinklers is an effective way to keep your lawn hydrated and healthy while you're away. A sprinkler timer is a device that controls the watering schedule of your lawn.

You can set the sprinkler to water your lawn during the early morning hours, the best time for watering, as it minimizes evaporation and helps the water to soak deep into the soil before the heat of the day. This ensures that your lawn gets the right amount of moisture it needs to stay green, even without your constant supervision.

Moreover, a sprinkler timer also helps in conserving water. You minimize water waste by only watering your lawn at the most efficient times. This is good for your wallet and the environment, as it contributes to water conservation. Sprinkler timers are also adjustable, meaning you can easily alter the watering schedule if the weather forecast predicts rain, thereby preventing overwatering.

Lastly, a sprinkler timer adds convenience. You don't need to worry about rushing home to turn off the sprinklers.

Once programmed, the timer takes care of the watering schedule, letting you enjoy your vacation without any worry. So, investing in a good sprinkler timer is a strategic move that ensures your lawn remains vibrant and green all year round, even when you're not around.

 Mow Before You Leave 

The health of your lawn also depends on mowing. But as you're away, this becomes a challenge. Thus, the best way to ensure that your grass stays healthy while you're away is to mow it before you leave. When cutting the grass, set the blade height a few inches higher than normal so that the grass remains healthy, even during periods of limited watering. 

Mowing your lawn before you leave also helps remove weeds and prevent them from spreading while you're away. Plus, when mowing your lawn, collect the clippings and add them to the compost pile or use it as mulch on surrounding beds. This keeps weeds at bay while nourishing the soil.

To learn more about lawn care, contact a professional near you.  

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