An Irrigation System Is The First Step To A Beautiful Lawn

If you're planning to install new landscaping to make your yard more attractive, then consider installing an irrigation system too. Install it first since it has to be buried under the ground. An irrigation system could be the difference between a lush lawn and healthy plants and plants that have stunted growth and poor health. Here are things about an irrigation system you should know.

The Benefits Of An Irrigation System

Plants and grass need adequate water to thrive. Without water, your grass may turn brown and crunchy during periods of drought and expensive landscaping may die. Having an automatic irrigation system makes watering your property easy since the system turns on and off by itself. This is a much more efficient way to water your lawn and also uses less water than watering by hand. An irrigation contractor can explain all the benefits and teach you how to use your system to get the most benefit from it.

The System Has Different Methods For Watering

An irrigation system is tailor-made for your property. Your irrigation contractor may install both sprinklers and drip irrigation depending on your needs. Sprinklers are needed to cover large expanses of your lawn and drip irrigation is often used to water plant beds.

An irrigation system has several parts, and the irrigation contractor chooses the parts needed to build your custom system. Each system needs a controller, valves, sprinkler heads, and a backflow device. The backflow device keeps water from your lawn from backing up into your plumbing lines that deliver drinking water.

The Irrigation Lines Go Underground

It's a little disruptive to your lawn to have an irrigation system put in since small trenches need to be dug to install the lines. This involves digging up the grass in certain areas. However, when the work is done in a few days, the trenches are backfilled and sod is placed over the soil. Once the grass has time to grow out, the trenches and water lines will be out of sight. Your irrigation contractor may use a vibratory puller to pull pipes under the ground without the need for digging trenches. They'll choose the best approach for your property.

Upgrades Make The System More Efficient

Talk to your irrigation contractor about the right upgrades for your system. The controller is an important element that tells your sprinklers when to turn on and off. The controller can be upgraded to recognize weather conditions so the sprinklers won't turn on if it's raining. The more advanced the controlling system is, the more you'll need to spend on your system. An irrigation contractor can help you choose the right controller and add-ons that make your system efficient while staying within your budget.

For more info, contact a local irrigation contractor

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